Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CVS & Me

So...I received an anonymous comment today...I'm going to post it here before I respond to it. Here is the love I received:
"Anonymous said...

I hope you know that every CVS employee absolutely hates you. People like you clog up our lines and take 45 minutes at the check out while other customers are waiting to actually buy something with real money."

Now, let me just post a very quick response to this. I have only been CVSing for a couple of months and I have heard many stories of nasty cashiers and managers. I know some employees don't like couponers. I think this is typical of employees who deal with inconsiderate couponers. There are ways to save money playing the "CVS game" and still be a customer that is actually liked.

First off, I NEVER complete multiple transactions in a row if there are others waiting in line. I move to the back of the line for each new transaction. Sometimes I don't even bother getting in the line. I stand off to the side or browse a little more until there is no line.

Secondly, I don't clear the shelves of product (unless there are only 1 or 2, in which case I consider that to be a stock issue, not a couponer caused issue.)
Finaly, I do NOT use coupons unethically. I feel there are plenty of money saving methods without trying to use expired coupons or coupons on products other than those they were intended for. I follow the rules and do my research which enables me to save a significant amount of money on products that my family uses or wants.

In direct response to this comment I would also like to add that while some employees may not like seeing a customer "score big" there are many out there who enjoy it just as much as the customer. The employees at my local CVS know me by name. We talked about our families and our lives when I stop in to shop. The store manager makes it a point to save me a copy of any publication they have that has a coupon in it and actually walks the store with me to become more familiar with the best deals each week. Maybe I am blind to the "hate" they have for me because they do such a good job of hiding it, but I think it is more likely that not all employees dislike "people like me." In fact, in regards to the particular post the this comment was left under (the 90% off Essence of Beauty products) the employees that were working when I purchased my 2 bathrobes at $1.49 each all purchased the remaining 15-20 robes after I checked out. The employees at my local store appreciate the deals that I get because often they find a deal for themselves as well.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

News Flash!!

Attention CVS Shoppers!!! There are some MAJOR savings to be had this week!! Essence of Beauty (EOB) products are on sale in many stores for 90% OFF!!! That's about as close to free as you can get! YMMV as some stores have only reduced their prices by 75%. Look for EOB robes, travel sets, gift sets and more. Also, check the prices on perfume gift sets if your store carries them. Many of these have also been reduced. Rumor has it these items will return to full price when the stores download pricing for sales starting Sunday. If you manage to snag a great deal, don't forget to leave a comment!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

CVS $5 Challenge 3/1-3/8

If you're new to the CVS game here is a really easy way to turn $5 into lots of product and earn some ECBs to roll next week for more free stuff!

Transaction 1:
Buy: 1 Gillette Fusion Gamer ($7.99)
Use: $4/1 MFQ (PG 2/8/09)
Total OOP: $3.99
Earn: $4 ECBs

Transaction 2:
Buy: Carnation Instant Breakfast 10 ct ($4.99)
Use: $4 ECBs from Transaction 1
Total OOP: $.99
Earn: $4.99 ECBs

Transaction 3:
Buy: Slim Quick Energy Shot 2 pk ($4.99)
Use: $4.99 ECBs from Transaction 2
Earn: $4.99 ECBs

So...you leave the store with $17.97 worth of product. You pay a total of $4.98 and still have $4.99 in ECBs to use next week. Look at that; you made a penny to go shopping! High Score!

CVS Shopping 2/22

I really didn't have time for a lot of CVSing this week. I made a quick stop early on, but didn't feel the need to make any more trips after that. No pic this week as I totally forgot and don't feel like digging it all out now. So, here's the break down:

1 Gillette Fusion Phenom $7.99
1 Gillette Shampoo $4.99
2 Nyquil $9.98

Total: $22.96

$4/1 Gillette Razor Q-pon
$2/1 Gillette Shampoo Q-pon
(2) $1.50/1 Nyquil Q-pon
$12 ECBs

New Total: $1.96 + tax

Total OOP: $2.10
Total Product Value: $22.96
Total Savings: $20.86
ECBs Earned: $11.99

Wanna see how other savvy shoppers do it? Check out The "Cents"ible Sawyer's CVS Superstars!

Kroger Mega Deal Is Back

qThe Kroger Mega Deal is pretty simple. Buy any 10 participating items and save $5 instantly at check out. You are limited to 3 Mega Deal savings per transaction (a total of $15 or 30 participating items); however there is no limit to the number of transactions you can do! So, here is the breakdown on this week's sale. If I missed something please send me an email or leave a comment and I'll be happy to give you credit for your contribution!

Mega Deal Items

Stouffer's or Lean Cuisine $1.99

*$1.49 ad (after discount)

Gortons Seafood $2.99
*$2.49 ad

Nestle Frozen lemonade frozen cups $.99
*$.49 ad

Haagen Dazs $.99

Hungryman Dinners $1.99
*$1.49 ad

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel or Scrambles $1.99
*$1.49 ad

~$.35 off any Toaster Strudel Pastry

Freschetta Pizza $4.49
*$3.99 ad

~$1/1 (SS 1/4/09); $1.25/2 (SS 2/8/09); $.75/1 (SS 2/8/09)

Tyson Meal Kits $4.99
*$4.49 ad

Eggo Waffles $1.99
*$1.49 ad

~$1/1 Peelie found on various products

Ben & Jerry's or Breyer's ice cream $2.99
*$2.49 ad

Totinos Pizza Rolls 40 count $2.99
*$2.49 ad

~$.35/1 (various inserts); $1/2 Blinkie; $1/2 (various inserts); $.40/2 (various inserts)

Sara Lee Pies & Cakes $2.99
*$2.49 ad

Non-Mega Deal Sale Items

Kroger gallon Milk $1.99

Tropicana Juice (select varieties, 59-64 oz) $2.39
~$1/2 (RP 1/4/09)

Kroger Cheese 3/$5

10 lb Russet Potatoes $2.99z

Quaker Instant or Simple Harvest Oatmeal 2/$4 (save $1.00 wyb 2, final price 2/$3)
**limit 2 boxes per transaction

Betty Crocker Meal Helpers (select varieties 5-9 oz) 10/$10
~$.50/1 Cellfire

Driscolls Strawberries 16 oz $1.28

Post Cereal (select varieties 13-20 oz pictured are Fruity Pebbles and Honey Bunches of Oats) $2.29
~$1/2 Post, Kid's (SS 1/25/09); $1/2 Post, Any (SS 1/25/09)

Townhouse or Club Cracker or Sandies or Chips Deluxe Cookies $2.00 each WYB 3
**limit 2 total rewards per transaction

Progresso Soup $1.49
~$.25/1, Light Soup (GM 2/8/09); $1/4, Any (GM 2/8/09); $.50/2, Any (GM 2/8/09) $1.10/1 Printable

Dannon Activia, Light and Fit or DanActive Yogurt (select varieties 4-6 pk) 2/$4

Sara Lee Bread or Thomas English Muffins BOGO, save up to $ 2.99 with card

Green Cabbage $.49/lb

Green Peppers $.77/lb

Big K 12 packs $1.77

Kroger Comforts Diapers $5.99
~$3/1 Printable; $3/1 Comforts Diapers or Formula (Peelie)

Comforts Toddler Food $1.99

Comforts Baby Wipes 2/$9
~$1/1 Comforts Baby Product (Peelie)

Comforts Infant Formula $11.99
~$3/1 Comforts Diaper or Formula (Peelie)

Vitamin Water 10/$10

Oscar Mayer Lunchables 4/$5

California Navel Oranges $.19 each

*All sale info based on Kroger Stores Great Lakes Region

Kroger Sneak Peak!

Hey hey! How about a little taste of what's to come? It's okay to get a little excited...Kroger is having a mega sale! Buy any 10 participating items and save $5 instantly at checkout. Woot!! So, check back later in the weekend for details and match-ups, but just to get your mouth watering a little...

Kroger Deluxe ice cream .49
Haagen Dazs .49
Pillsbury strudel or scrambles 1.49
*$.35 off any Toaster Strudel Pastry
eggo waffles 1.49
Ben and jerrys or breyers ice cream 2.49
totinos pizza rolls 40 count 2.49
*lots of insert Q-pons and blinkies

*Prices are after $5 instant savings

Check back soon for the full scoop!

Friday, February 27, 2009

CVS Q-pon Match-ups 3/1

Here are this week's Q-pon Match-ups! Another so-so week, but with the right combination of Q-pons there are some freebies to be had! As always email me of leave a comment if I've left anything out or missed a great deal! Thanks for stopping by!

ECB Deals & Steals

*Atkins Products, any Get $5 EB wyb $12 Limit 2
$1 Atkins Shake 4-pack, any SS 1/4/09
$1 off 2 Atkins Single Bar, any SS 1/4/09
-$1 Atkins

*CoverGirl Cosmetics Buy $15, Get $5 eb LIMIT 1
-Full Line reg. retail
$1 CoverGirl product, any 2/8/09 P&G
$1 CoverGirl Queens product 2/8/09 P&G

Get $5 eb wyb $20 LIMIT 1:
*Gerber Baby Food & Juice 25% off
$1 off 4 Gerber 2nd Foods Purees, any 2-pack SS 1/4/09
$1 Gerber Cereal with DHA canister or two boxes of Gerber Infant Cereal SS 1/4/09
*Pampers Jumbos $9.99
$1 Pampers Diapers or Pants $1 P&G 2/8/09
*Playskool Diapers $11
*Q-Tips large $3
$.30 Q-Tips Cotton Swabs Product, any 170 ct+ V 1/18/09
*Baby Fresh/Playskool Wipes 2/$5
$2 off Playskool wipes (exp 03/01/09)

L'Oreal Get $5 eb wyb $20 of the following LIMIT 4
*L'Oreal Age Perfect Moisturizer $11.99
$2 LOreal Facial Skincare Product, any V 1/4/09
$1 LOreal Moisturizer or Treatment V 2/1/09, V 2/8/09
$3 off 2 LOreal Skincare products V 2/1/09
*L'Oreal Advanced Revitalift $11.99
$2 LOreal Facial Skincare Product, any V 1/4/09
$1 LOreal Moisturizer or Treatment V 2/1/09, V 2/8/09
$1 LOreal Revitalift Product, any V 2/1/09
$3 off 2 LOreal Skincare products V 2/1/09
*L'Oreal Sublime Bronze or Glow $6.99
$3 LOreal Makeup, Powder, Blush or Concealer, any V 1/4/09
$2 LOreal make-up, powder, blush or concealer $2 (4-26-09) V 2/1/09
*L'Oreal Skin Genesis, Revitalift, or Age Perfect Cleansers $5.99
$2 LOreal Facial Skincare Product, any V 1/4/09
$1 LOreal Moisturizer or Treatment V 2/1/09, V 2/8/09
$1 LOreal Skincare Cleanser V 2/8/09
$3 off 2 LOreal Skincare products V 2/1/09
*L'Oreal Color Rich Lip or Voluminous/Telescoping Mascara $5
$3 LOreal Makeup, Powder, Blush or Concealer, any V 1/4/09
$2 LOreal make-up, powder, blush or concealer $2 (4-26-09) V 2/1/09
$2 LOreal Paris Eye Product, any V 1/4/09
*L'Oreal Bare Naturale Foundation $10
$3 LOreal Makeup, Powder, Blush or Concealer, any V 1/4/09
$2 LOreal make-up, powder, blush or concealer $2 (4-26-09) V 2/1/09
*L'Oreal Preference 2/$11.98
$2 LOreal Preference, any V 1/4/09
*L'Oreal Everpure reg. retail
$2 LOreal any EverPure Shampoo, Conditioner, or Treatment V 2/1/09
*L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes, Infallible or True Match Mascara $7
$3 LOreal Makeup, Powder, Blush or Concealer, any V 1/4/09
$2 LOreal make-up, powder, blush or concealer $2 (4-26-09) V 2/1/09

*Lumene Buy $20, Get $5 EBs LIMIT 1
$4 Lumene premium beauty product, any

*Metamucil or Fibercaps $9.99 Get $2 eb LIMIT 5
$1 Metamucil or Fibersure P&G 2/8/09

Get $7 eb wyb $15 of the following LIMIT 1
Nestle/Wonka Theatre Box Candy $1
Nestle Singles $1/2
Nestle 8 Packs $5/2
Edy's Dibs or Drumsticks $6/2
Nestle Giant Bars $5/4
Wonka Mix Up Gussett $5

*Neutrogena 14 Day Skin Rescue, Get $4 eb LIMIT 1
reg. retail

*Nexxus Get $10 eb wyb $20 LIMIT 5
reg. retail

*Olay Pro-X or Starter Kit Get $5 eb LIMIT 1
reg. retail
$25 MIR WYB $50 Olay Pro X
$5 Olay Professional Pro-X product, any PG 3/1/09

*Optifree/Replenish/Systane/Ultra, Get $2 eb LIMIT 1
reg. retail
$1 Opti-Free Replenish Solution, any 10 oz.+ SS 1/25/09

*Slimfast Optima Shakes or 6 pk. Bars 2/$13 Get $2 eb wyb 2 LIMIT 5
$1.40 Slim Fast Ready to Drink, multi pack or powder container V 2/8/09

stacker 2 or 3 100 ct $24.99 get $10 eb limit 1

Other Deals:

*Bounce or Downy $3.99
$.25 Bounce Dryer Sheets P&G 2/8/09
$.25 Downy Dryer Sheets P&G 2/8/09
$.25 Downy Fabric Softener P&G 2/8/09 or P&G 3/1/09

*Carnation Instant Breakfast $4.99 get $4.99 ECB Limit 1
$2 Carnation Instant Breakfast
$4 off 3 Carnation Instant Breakfast

*Cascade Gel or Powder 45 oz. $2.99
$.50 Cascade Complete Powder or Gel P&G 2/8/09
$.50 Cascade Complete Gel, Powder or ActionPacs P&G 3/1/09
$.25 Cascade, Any P&G 3/1/09

*Clean & Clear $1 off
$2 clean & clear

*DiGiorno Pizza 2/$10
$1 DiGiorno Ultimate Pizzeria Style Pizza SS 2/1/09

*EAS or Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar $1.69, 4 Pk. Shake, or Zone Perfect Bars 5 pk. B1G1 50%
$1 EAS product, any 3/1 SS
$1 Zone Perfect, 1 Single Bar or 1 Multi-count box (includes 8ct snack size) 3/1 SS
$5.07 off 4 zone perfect bar (buy 1 get 3 free, up to $5.10) register then log-in here to print coupon

*Ensure Nutrition Drink Regular 6pk., High Protein or Calcium 6pk.$6.99 (excludes Plus)
$6.99 off 4 Ensure 6 pk (Buy 3, Get 1 Free)
$3 Ensure Multipack

*Febreze Candle or Noticeables Starter Kit $6.99
$1 Febreze Candle P&G 2/8/09
$1 Febreze Noticeables Starter Kit P&G 2/8/09

*GE Energy Smart Lightbulbs 1-2 pk 20% off
$1.50 off 2 GE Energy Smart Compact Fluorescent Lighting Product SS 1/4/09
$1 GE Energy Smart CFL light bulbs (fill out pledge form, might need IE)
$1 GE $1/1 Reveal or Edison Halogen light bulb
$.50 GE 3 way light bulbs

*Glucerna, all bogo 50%
$1.50 Glucerna Product, any (exp 3-1-09) SS 1/4/09
$3 off 2 Glucerna Product, any (exp 3-1-09) SS 1/4/09
$1.25 Glucerna
$5 Glucerna Cereal

*Hershey’s Miniatures, Reeses, Kisses, Nuggets, Cadbury, Mini Eggs or Spring assortment $3.99
$2 off 2 Hersheys Kisses, Miniatures, Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures, etc. any 19.75 oz. SS 1/25/09
$1.50 off 3 Hershey Bagged Candy or here

*Hunts, Campbells or Chef Boyardee 4/$5

*Iams Dry Cat Food, 4lbs. 2/$20 Limit 2
$1 Iams Dry Dog or Cat Food P&G 2/8/09

*Kellogg’s or Kashi 2/$6
$.70 Kelloggs Cereal, any 10oz + V 2/22/09
$2 Kashi TLC Bars

*Mega-T Dietary Supplement Drink Mix 14 ct., Caplets 30 or 90 ct. B1G1
$1 Mega T Green Tea Gum

*Nabisco Cookies 2/$5
$1 Nabisco Cookies (any one variety 9 oz. or larger) and 1 Gallon of Milk tearpad @ cvs

*Nestle Wonka Golden, Butterfinger, or Crunch Nest Eggs 9.20z 2/$5
$1 off 2 Nestle Nest Eggs or Wonka Chocolate Golden Eggs

P&G Products
***FREE Charmin 6 pk wyb $20 of listed products LIMIT 1
*Always $2.99
$.50 Always Infinity, Clean or Feminine Cleansing Cloth P&G 3/1/09
$.50 Always Pantiliner 34ct+ PG 3/1/09
*Bounty Basics Paper Towels 8pk $5.88
$.25 Bounty P&G 2/8/09 or PG 3/1/09
*Charmin (free) $5 value
$.25 Charmin, any P&G 2/8/09 or PG 3/1/09
*Crest Premium Toothpaste 2/$5
*Crest Pro-Health 2/$5
*Dawn Dish $.97
*Duracell $9.99
$.75 Duracell CopperTop 4pk+ (AA, AAA) any size (C,D,9v) PowerPix & Ultra Digital (AA,AAA) Ultra Photo Lithium (123,223,245,CR2,CR-V3) PG 3/1/09
*Pantene $5.77
$1 off 2 Pantene Products, no trial size P&G 2/8/09
$1 off 2 Pantene Products, no trial size P&G 3/1/09
$2 off 2 Pantene Styling Products, hair sprays or treatments (no trial size) P&G 2/8/09
*Herbal Essences Family Size $5.77
$3 off 2 Herbal Essences Shampoos, conditioners, styling products or hair color (no trial size) P&G 2/8/09
*Head & Shoulders Family Size $5.77
$1 Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner P&G 2/8/09
$2 off 2 Head & Shoulders Shampoos or Conditioners (excludes trial size) P&G 3/1/09
*Prilosec 42 ct $24.77
$1 Prilosec OTC P&G 2/8/09 or P&G 3/1/09
*Puffs $.97
*Tide Liquid $5.97
$.35 Tide P&G 2/8/09 or P&G 3/1/09

*PUR Water Filtration Products, 20% off
$5 PUR, Flavor Options, $5 off 1, PUR Faucet Mount or Pitcher & $2 off 1 Cartridge 2-pk, snail mail

*Renuzit Adjustables $.99
$.55 off 3 Renuzit Adjustables SS 2/22/09

*Russell Stover Private Reserve 2/$5
$2.50 off 2 Russell Stover Private Reserve, Internationale, etc, 3.95-4.95 oz. bogo SS 11/9/08

*Slimfast Optima Shakes or 6 pk. Bars $13/2, Buy (2) Get $2 EBs LIMIT 5
$2 Slim Fast Bars
$3 off 2 Slim Fast Multi Packs
$1.25 Slim Fast

*Snyder’s Of Hanover Pretzels 2/$5
$1 Snyders of Hanover Multigrain Snack, any 5 oz.+ SS 1/4/09
$.75 Snyders of Hanover Pretzel Sandwiches, 8 oz.+ SS 2/22/09

*Sunsweet Apricots or Sunmaid Raisins 2/$6
$1 off 2 Sunsweet Products, any SS 11/9/08

*Swanson Chunk Chicken 2/$3
$.50 off 2 Swanson White Premium Chunk Chicken Breast SS 2/8/09

*Swiffer Dry, Wet, Dusters Refills, or Dusters Kit $7.49
$.50 Swiffer Refills P&G 2/8/09

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm So Glade!

Corny I know, but hey me likey free stuff! Glade is offering B1G1 printables for the new Sense & Spray Automatic Spray and the PlugIns Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Air Freshener (I LOVE this one!) HERE. I love click, print, clip for free stuff!!

Bzz Worthy Website

If you don't mind your kids begging for tv or computer time this site is great. Lots of videos on a variety of subjects and they are all screened by parents for content. (I'm not really sure how much I trust "parents" as everyone has a different opinion of appropriate content.) I did find a video that my son is in love with. If you have a dinosaur lover in your house it's called the dinosaur song and it really is quite cute. Be prepared though, it will get stuck in your head. You can expect to be singing "dinosaurs brains like peas" a lot in your future. So, if you have a sec and you wanna check it out click HERE, then come back and leave a comment with your child's favorite video!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I don't know when it happened. You would think the exact day and time would be embedded in my memory forever, but looking back, I really don't know when it happened. At some point my sweet little baby boy became a vicious 4 year old. Don't get me wrong. He is still sweet most of the time, but when he isn't; oh boy is it bad. We are currently having a disagreement over where he is allowed to play. Mommy says we do not play in the kitchen, we play in the family room or your bedroom. Wyatt, however feels that the best shadows are in the kitchen. It is all about the shadows after all. I could give in and let him play dinosaur shadows on the kitchen floor. Is this really a battle worth fighting? I don't know. I seem to ask myself that question a hundred times a day. Today, I decided to hold my ground. His toys can be found in nearly every room of the house on most days. I do not want them in my sanctuary...my kitchen. After 15 minutes of heated discussion about where he is allowed to play we reach a decision. (Okay, I reach a decision.) I am not negotiating with a 4 year old! I very calmly tell him "Mommy is finished discussing this. We do not play in the kitchen and if you ask about it again you will be going to the time out chair." The next thing out of his little mouth: "But Mommy! I need to play the dinosaur shadows in the kitchen. Family room shadows are too dark. I need the big shadow!" So, to the time out chair he goes. There is no fussing or fighting. He sits with an angry scowl on his face fixing me with a glare that could chill bone. And then it happens. He breaks the silence in the room with one sentence. The one sentence no parent ever wants to hear from their child. "I don't love you, Mommy!" Now, logically I know that he is only 4. He doesn't understand the magnitude of what he has just said. There is no possible way that he could know how deeply that sentence would hurt me, but nonetheless, he said it. With defiance in his eyes and anger in his voice. So, now I'm left to wonder. When did this happen? When did my sweet angel turn into a 4 year old set on defying me at every opportunity? Oh, the joys of motherhood. I can only hope that he will get this attitude out of the way early so that we might live in harmony in his teen years. (I'm not an idiot. I know this is unlikely, but hope springs eternal!) Until then, I'm left to stare into the angelic face of a 4 year old little boy and wonder, when did 4 become the new 14?